Matthias Loescher



Critically acclaimed Matthias ‘Pedals’ Loescher  is a guitarist, composer and producer based in Brooklyn, New York. 

He is a founding member of celebrated trio  THE RUFF PACK (co-lead with Stephan Kondert). Since 2016 he is lead guitarist for the legendary Ms. Lauryn Hill.

Loescher has shared the stage with a cadre of iconic artists including Busta Rhymes, Anderson Paak, Nas, Common, SK Invitational, David Murray and Doug Wimbish and many others.

He was awarded the prestigious Austrian ’Salzburger Jahresstipendium für Musik in 2011’ prize. The committee mentioned acknowleged

the unique ‘Matthias Loescher Sound’ as one of several reasons for their choice:

his sophisticated, matured sound has been so perfected, one can indeed speak of a distinctive style. Löscher has his own distinctive form of musical expression, regardless of whether he is moving within Jazz, Hip Hop or Pop realms.